Scientific Program


Welcome desk opening

08.30 - 12.00
Scène C Room

Live surgery session from Versailles Hospital and Rouen Hospital

  • Pierre Panel (France) & Sebastiaan Verseema (Netherlands) | See video
  • Arnaud Le Tohic (France) & Etienne Vincens (France) | See video
  • Pierre Panel (France) & Julien Niro (France) | See video
  • Arnaud Le Tohic (France) & Jean Philippe Estrade (France) | See video
  • Sebastiaan Verseema (Netherlands) & Ludovic Friederich (France) | See video
  • Julien Niro (France) & N. Lotersztajn (France) | See video
Moderators : Moamar Al-Jefout - Jordan | Emmanuel Bailly - France | Bruno Borghese - France | Hervé Foulot - France | Alexander Popov - Russia |
09.45 - 11.45
Scène B Room

Current and future perspectives: Visanne® and new research targets in endometriosis

  • Welcome and introduction,
    Carlos Petta (Brazil)
  • Why approach endometriosis as an inflammatory disease?
    Pietro Santulli (France)
  • Tailoring endometriosis treatment: medical and surgical options,
    Renato Seracchioli (Italy)
  • Evidence-based management of endometriosis with Visanne®,
    Andreas D. Ebert (Germany)
  • How can we best manage our patients for the long term?
    Sony S. Singh (Canada)
  • Bayer’s future medical treatment options,
    Thomas M. Zollner (Germany)
  • Q&A, summary, own experience and close,
    Carlos Petta (Brazil)

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12.15 - 13.45
Scène B Room

New insights to Mirena® in the management of heavy menstrual bleeding

  • The global burden of HMB.
    Joaquin Calaf, (Spain)
  • How does Mirena® compare to other treatments for HMB?
    Marc-Yvon Arsenault, (Canada)
  • Mirena®  in the management of HMB in special patient groups.
    Oskari Heikinheimo, (Finland)

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Moderator : Hervé Fernandez - France |
12.15 - 13.15
Scène C Room

Endometriosis: taking into account the patient’s perspective for better care?

  • Toward early diagnosis, what would be the best strategy?
    Jin Hua Leng (China)
    Download PDF

  • Socio-cultural differences in identifying and treating endometriosis : results of the international FEELING study
    Charles Chapron (France)
    Download PDF

  • LHRHa in the treatment of endometriosis: what are patients expectancies and fears ?
    Alexander Popov (Russia)
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Moderator : Hervé Fauconnier - France |
Cocktail lunch and exhibition visit
Scène B & C Room - Plenary session

Opening ceremony

Moderators : Charles Chapron - France | Felice Petraglia - Italy |
14.45 - 16.15
Scène B & C Room
Plenary session

Endometriosis and reproductive life

  • Fetal roots of endometriosis,
    Ivo Brosens (Belgium)
  • Is adolescence a crucial period for endometriosis patients ?
    Thomas d’Hooghe (Belgium)
    Download PDF

  • Perimenopausal endometriosis,
    Fernando Reis (Brazil)
    Download PDF

  • Endometriosis and quality of life,
    George Pistofidis (Greece)
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  • Discussion
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Moderators : Yoke Fai Fong - Singapore | Jim Tsaltas - Australia |
Coffee break and exhibition visit
16.45 - 18.15
Scène B & C room
Plenary session

Abnormal uterine bleeding

  • AUB management: How do systematic reviews and meta-analysis help ?
    Justin Clark (UK)
    Download PDF

  • The mechanism(s) of LNG-IUS action in the heavy menstrual bleeding treatment,
    Oskari Heikinheimo (Finland)
    Download PDF

  • Endometrial ablation : past, present and future,
    Philippe Y. Laberge (Canada)
    Download PDF

  • AUB and pelvic pain: specific management,
    Errico Zupi (Italy)
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  • Discussion
Moderators : Maguette Mbaye - Senegal | Carlos Petta - Brazil |
18.15 - 18.45
Scène B & C Room
Keynote lecture

DNA, stems cells, steroids, endometriosis and uterine fibroids : dangerous liaisons

Serdar E. Bulun (USA)
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Moderator : Felice Petraglia - Italy |
Welcome reception : Posters presentations & cheese and wine